Founded in the heart of Paris, KMO Paris is a jewellery brand in which each piece is a true work of art.

For over a decade, founders Caroline and Francois-Xavier have poured their heart and soul into KMO Paris, creating jewellery that is unique, sensual and exudes femininity. It is with chic and colourful designs that we produce high end pieces with magnificent light reflects and that are super lightweight.

It is with a love for each other, a love for artistic collaboration, a love for their children, a love of their workers and a love of travel that Caroline and Francois have created a brand that is playful, expressive, bold and elegant. KMO Paris is a true love affair.


Francois-Xavier & Caroline Renou,
Founders and Creative Directors


Partners in life and in business, Caroline and Francois-Xavier Renou share the love of bringing each of their unique pieces to life. Complimenting each other’s skills through a balanced but spontaneous creative process, they have created a brand that pairs Paris glamour with downtown chic and finds  joy in individual expression.

In the early 2000’s, at a jewellery show in Paris, Caroline and Francois-Xavier first met. The two artists had an instant connection. Soon after, Francois  joined Caroline in Bali where they set up their manufacturing facility and began building their business.

With their keen eye for detail and meticulous craftsmanship, Francois-Xavier and Caroline adorn and embellish every piece with exquisite precision. With each new collection comes their desire to create the finest pieces for KMO Paris.


Designed in Paris, France.
Inspired by one of the most romantic cities in the world, our founders Francois-Xavier and Caroline never fail to find something beautiful around every Parisian street corner to inspire their next piece.

Offices located in Paris, New York & Bali.
With a focus on maintaining our global community, it is important for us to host our agents, distributors and the press in our showrooms where our current collections are displayed. Our pieces are manufactured in a full-service, company-owned production facility in Bali, Indonesia.


Each of our pieces are created using our unique Kamelite process, where genuine Sterling Silver powder is mixed with an unlimited range of coloured resins. This industry-first material construction allows magnificent light reflection in an endless range of colour across our collections, including trend driven styles such as the perfect ombre effect.

The metal base is composed of Magnesium-AL, another KMO Paris innovation, making our jewellery extremely lightweight, oxidation-free and naturally hypoallergenic.

It is our combination of materials and innovative design that makes KMO Paris truly unique. We continue to build a synergy between classic jewellery design and modern styling, with each design focused on texture and motion.