Jewellery Care

Our jewellery pieces have been hand-crafted by our dedicated lovely team. As a result, there can sometimes be slight differences in the colour, pattern of the materials or embellishments – all part of the charm of handmade products!

What’s the composition of our jewellery?

Each piece from our collection is made with our unique Magnesium-AL alloy, offering a surprisingly lightweight, oxidation-free and naturally hypoallergenic design. Our patented KAMELITE process is made of genuine sterling silver powder and coloured resins, offering an endless range of colours and gradations.

How should I take care of my KMO Paris Jewellery?

In order to preserve the natural brightness of your jewels always avoid contact with chemicals‚ such as hair spray, perfume‚ lotions‚ household cleansers, pool and sea water, and so on. This can be avoided by putting your jewellery on last when getting ready to go out. It is also best to remove rings before washing your hands.

Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe your jewellery pieces after wearing them to remove natural body oils, sweat or residue. If your jewellery comes into contact with water, it is recommended that you dry it with a soft cloth or tissue, as moisture can damage surfaces and cause them to rust or become pitted.

Leather care

Some of our pieces are made of cultured leather. Leather is a natural material and slight inconsistencies of colour and texture are part of its unique character. Designed to age with wear, leather may fade and soften beautifully over time. In order to maintain the appearance of your leather product, you may want to use a leather protector. It is best to do a patch test on an inconspicuous area beforehand. Remember to cover any embellishments such as metal or beading, when applying the protector.