Bold Feminine Creations Made For Comfort


We are sharing with you our stunning new seasonal creations that our designers have specially designed, Consideration these evolutions in order to offer a plethora of products while keeping a perfect and unique balance of sparkle and shine, especially for the bring spring and summer seasons. continue to constantly innovate and offer unique creations with many facets to our customers. Inspired by this rapid change, we have launched many new materials this season with some delicate silk threads in beautiful color variations, some new raw wooden beads, or an innovative skin look resin.


KMO Paris is delighted to present you new Spring / Summer 2020 collection.

We are developing this season‘s newest creations featuring, all new silhouettes and a gorgeous palette of colors in our Catagories. We are also happy to introduce a brand New material, Lovely light colors and thrilling textures inspire our new Spring Collection which builds upon our legacy of incoporating bold, innovative materials to provide you and your customers with truly unique pieces that can only be found at KMO Paris.


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